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Since so many people have asked and I have decided to put together some before and after pictures of myself. I really had to pick out the good ones because I look smaller on some of my pictures even though I was not small. Thanks for reading about my journey and make sure you subscribe on the home page if you haven’t already.



February 2001

When I REALLY got serious about getting back in shape this was my goal weight. “Bringing the 2001 Me Back”

Here I am at my worst and back to my best.

 ^ November 2009 ^

^ February 2010 ^

^ April 2010^

^ November 2010^

^December 2010^

^ February 2011^

^This top I’m wearing is really a dress. You will see this again! ^

^March 2011^

Starting to notice I was slimming down

^ April 2011^

^ June 2011 ^

Remember this dress I wore as a shirt? 🙂

^ July 2011  ^

^ September 2011 ^

^ October 2011 ^

^November 2011^

^December 2011^

^January 2012^

^February 2012^

^March 2012^

^April 2012^

^May 2012^


^November 2012^

Yes, it’s a wig 🙂


^November 2012^

My camera was telling the future 🙂


^December 2012^

dallas willie

^December 2012^

My brother on the right graduation day!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my transformation. It was not easy for me to post these pictures but sometimes people have to see it to believe it.



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  2. Dang you can see a difference. Thanks for sharing. You look great!!!!!!

  3. Great accomplishments! Looking great and keep up the great work. Oh, and love the dress. 😉

  4. Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow…this is definitely motivation! Looking great! Keep it up

  6. You look great Tam!!!

  7. Absolutely an amazing transformation! Congrats on the success of maintaining a healthy lifestyle! You’re a definitely an inspiration to all and the poster child for healthy fabulosity!

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  9. I feel so motivated looking at this…..
    Congratulations and thanks

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