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My Running Wall of Fame

I have decided to showcase my race times. It gives me a chance to see where I started and how great I will be once I reach advance/elite runner status 🙂

If you would like to get into running sign up for runners world and active. You can get great tips on training and find local races in your city, state, or surrounding areas.  If I can run so can you 🙂


Very first 5K: Turkey Burner 5K, November 14, 2011 Official time- 45:18

WILLpower 5K, December 10, 2011 Official time- 39:04

Vaughn Forest Church Resurrection Run, April 7, 2012 Official time- 01:22:40 

Goal month pending: May

Goal month pending: October

Plus a surprise goal month 🙂

Mud Mania Extreme Obstacle Course, March 31, 2012 Official Time- 01:01:00


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  1. Morng! I am preparing for my very first 5k on 3/3/12 in Prattville. Do you run with a group?


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