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You Really Are What You Eat

As much as I love bacon, bacon bits, and some good
ole Conecuh sausages I have gone cold turkey from beef and pork; SIGH!!! This
is something I honestly have wanted to do for years. NO, I’m not Muslin or
practicing a new religion; I just gave up red meat. My number one reason is how
I felt after eating red meat. I was lethargic, bloated, and had terrible gas
pains in my back. I’m talking about the bent over holding my lower back tears
in my eyes kind of pain. So how did I know red meat and pork was the culprit of
my issues? I gave up ALL meat for Lent this year. Lent is a Catholic tradition that
starts on Ash Wednesday. It last for 40 days. I only ate fish during those 40
days.  I have fasted from meat before so
the 40 days were a breeze for me. It also was great because I increased my
fruit and veggie intake. Now let me give you a little run down on beef. I’ll talk
about pork another day.

I will not post information that is not backed up by
facts. You will find a lot of conflicting information about red meat. Let me
start off by saying NO, red meat is not bad for you. They have lean, fat free,
and organic red meat you can buy. I personally use to love thin, lean cut, boneless
pork chops. I always grilled them on my George Foreman Grill. However, red meat
does take longer to go through the digestive process in your body. Eating too
much red meat can cause health issues; heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
Just ask your primary physician.

What I’m suggesting is KNOW YOUR BEEF. Start
monitoring how it affects your body. Feeling sleepy after you eat is not a good
thing. I challenge you to give up meat for a week or two and notice how
different your body feels.

Giving up red meat was the best thing I did for
myself. Do I sometimes crave it? Of course I do. HOWEVER, I have not eating it in
months I actually forgot the last time I had some. The key to good health and
proper dieting is knowing your OWN body. Cutting out red meat worked for me and
my body loves it. So start paying close attention to the affects certain foods
have on you so proper adjustments can be made to your daily meals. You really
are what you eat!!





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