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Walk or Run For Your Life

Some people look at me like I’m crazy when I say I
love to run. I’m not a great runner but there is just something about running
in the park that is so relaxing and calm. I feel like I’m running all my
troubles away. If a song I’m really feeling starts playing on my Ipod I more
than likely will start singing, bobbing my head, and working my hands some kind
of way. Running is my own little utopia and my best stress reliever.

Now, I know you are reading this like “girl stop
that was way too extra!” BUT, when it comes to getting in shape you have to
find that one exercise you love and really gets you in a zone. Walking,
jogging, or running is one of those exercises I highly recommend. I use to get
up early and go walking in the park with a close friend. We would laugh and
chat away which made that hour seems like a few minutes. I also noticed my
pants started to fit lose in the waste and thighs.

The best way to kick off your fitness journey is
start walking. I know you are like GIRL it’s too darn hot in the evening time.
WELL, get up and go before work or go right before dusk. DO I need to remind
you of This Week’s Topic? NO MORE EXCUSES!!! Start off by walking 30-45 minutes
at least 3 days per week. If you decide to walk during the evening make sure
you have plenty of water handy. Fall will be here before you know it. Don’t
stop and use daylight savings time as an excuse either. Scope out a public place
a lot of people use to walk, jog, or run and join them.  I see ladies walking all the time with long
sticks in both hands. It is always great to have a workout buddy so ask a friend
to join you. So GET OFF THE COUCH put on your gym shoes and get to stepping!!!!
It only takes 30 minutes to get a good walk in so walk away those pounds!! NO
MORE EXCUSES it’s time to get serious about your health.



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