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I know it been a while but this has been one crazy month for me!! Football season and my birthday has worn me out as well as school. WELL, my thrifting shero has decided to extend her “Thrift Shopping ONLY for a YEAR!” I am soooooo all in because I’m already hooked on thrift shopping and LOVE IT!!! Make sure you check out her blog and show her some love; Looking Fly On A Dime!! My former college roommate and dear friend also is a savoy thrift shopper and her style is SOOOOO amazing. Show her blog some love as well. Her name is Ivory and she has the most creative style and I LOVE IT!!!  Now let me get back on the subject at hand since I’ve bragged of my favorite bloggers 🙂

SOOOO, my bff and I hit up Goodwill twice in one week during our lunch breaks. If you live in the Montgomery, AL area the one on Air Base Blvd is my favorite so far. I spent a weekend going to a few thrift stores in Prattville, AL and I was VERY disappointed 😦 Not going to bash them BUT the clothing selection was let’s just say 1980s. HOWEVER, I did luck up and find these HAWT BCBG pumps I had to give away because they were not my size 😦

THESE shoes made me sick; LAWD!! I just could not leave them there and I ONLY paid $3.00 for them. Apparently the person who purchased them was not a heels wearing type of gal because they had tons of gels insoles in them. I’m happy to say they went to a nice home.



Next, I hit up this nice little store that sells jewelry for $1.00 called Cheapskates. It is located in downtown Prattville right as you are going around the curve. I found some nice earrings there.

Since my hair is so short now I’m obsessed with really big earrings. The lady who owns Cheapskates is very friendly too.

Now let’s move on to the clothing finds 🙂

The first day we went to Goodwill they had a 15% discount on all ladies clothing; YES!!! A sale on already cheap clothes #winning

This cute mock neck top still had the original Stein Mart tag on it.

I fell in love with the details of this top

BUT, my favorite piece was this CUUUUTE jacket. This jacket can be dressed up or down.

I just love this jacket

I love the back details as well.

I paid $3.99 or less for all my great Goodwill finds.

Moving right along to that weekend I hit up my other favorite spot Faith Rescue Mission. Funny thing is my mom called me while I was in the mist of shopping to tell me Sears was having a great sell. I turned my nose up and said I’m at the thrift store; LOL!!!  I racked up that weekend. Faith Rescue Mission on E. South Blvd is my favorite location if you are in the Montgomery, AL area again. They have a white board up stating what the deal of the day is as well as which color tags are on sale. The place plastic tags on the inside of the clothes. I can’t wait to say how much I paid for my finds 🙂

I found this LOVELY DKNY blazer first: LAWD!!! I knew there was a matching long skirt to go with it BUT I had no luck finding it and BELIEVE ME I tried hard to find it.

Since winter is around the corner I will be wearing this great find with some nice slacks. AND you will NEVER guess what I scored this for? It had the color tag of the day so I scored this find for $1.50; YEP you read that right $1.50 for a DKNY blazer.

Next I spotted this cute blazer. I literally have a closet full of blazers BUT you can never have too many right 🙂 I loved the colors and have the perfect shoes to make the colors pop!!! I ALSO paid $1.50 for this one.

The next section I made my way too was the slacks. I desperately needed new slacks since all my old ones were WAY too big.

I was able to wear the cute pink Goodwill top with these slacks and got tons of compliments 🙂

These capri pants were HEAVEN!! They fit me like a glove and I wore some “statement shoes” to make the colors pop. I scored these pants for $2.00

These are the front of the pants. I lucked up and found the perfect shirt to wear with these capri pants while not trying to find a matching top.

Lucked up and scored the perfect shirt to wear with these slacks as well. I love the satin/silk look of these pants.


I know linen season is over but I wasn’t going to let these stay in the store.

These slacks fit very nice as well.

My next stop was the skirt section. I was still on the hunt for the matching DKNY piece 🙂 However, I found the most adorable skirt and later found the perfect top to wear with it on a different visit.

I just LOVE the colors and details of this skirt. The size tag was actually ripped out of it so I tried it on even though I knew it would fit. I FELL IN LOVE again; LOL!! This skirt is so girlie and cute. I layerd a shirt with both colors of the skirt and wore my mustard heels with it. The skirt stops right at my knees.

This cute skirt is an Old Navy skirt. It was long on me and a little to big in the waste but I love it; very comfy.

Scored this 100% silk Talbots top that I will be wearing with the gray and black satin/silk looking slacks


Wore this cute New York and Company top with the cute capri pants. My shoes and accessories made the entire outfit look expensive. I felt good saying it was a thrifted look 🙂

My total tab on my Faith Rescue visit was $38.91 for all 12 pieces. YES, 12 items of clothes for under $40 bucks. I made sure to call my mom and she stated “well go ahead wearing those dead people clothes!” LMAOOOO, my mom is a hoot.

On my quest to find jeans on a different visit to Faith Rescue I came across this VERY NICE TOP.

I paired it with the khaki shirt with bright colors.


My ONLY gripe with Faith is they do NOT sell matching sets together. I need to ask why because it takes away from jackets that are meant to be worn with certain skirts and pants.

On another Goodwill visit I scored this suit for $7.00


I also lucked up and found an almost perfect fitting pair of Chaps jeans.

And finally found a pair of GAP jeans I could actually fit as well

I had to break down and go to CATO’s and get a couple of more jeans. It’s either hit or miss with me and jeans or slacks and I wasn’t having a lot of luck thrifting for jeans.


YES, this was a long post but like I said I have been busy busy busy and I will not be slowing down until this school semester is OVER!!! SOOOO, if you are like me taking your life, looks, and health back I again HIGHLY recommend you give thrifting a try. I am blessed to have a lot of clothes but I also had to get rid of a lot due to me losing weight. Some of my pre-weight gain clothes are even a little too big. It was either learn to sew, pay for alterations, or buy new clothes. Any excuse to go shopping right ladies 😉 I hope you like my great finds and I’ll be updating my blog again this week with a health related topic. Feel free to share, spread the word about my blog, and let me know you were here.





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  1. Girl you cleaned up!!!!

  2. Loretta Jones-Pierce

    Great shopping Tam! I love to go thrifting and you’ve set the bar pretty high with your great finds. I’ll have to put more time into searching for good deals. I haven’t shopped at Faith Rescue Mission, but I will be headed over there as I do need to find some slacks. Thanks for sharing!!!!!


  3. dayummmmmmm you got like a whole new wardrobe!! thrifting while/after losing weight is great because you may only fit in them for a month or so and you don’t want to invest a ton of money is that case. congrats on losing weight AND getting so many amazing things!

    • LOL, and thanks. You know I LOVE your blog as well. I’m only a few pounds from my goal weight. But I’m probably just going to lose 5 more and work on toning a maintaining. I just need to set a monthly budget so I don’t go over board shopping 🙂


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