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The most annoying thing I’ve been told since I’ve been on my weight loss journey is “don’t lose your butt.”  I also get aggravated when people say, “you don’t have a butt anymore.”  Since I have gotten very serious about running and becoming a runner I am told, “don’t lose your azz,” by my some of my male friends. This is usually followed by, “you are getting too skinny.” When I decided enough was enough and it was time to take my health back losing my butt was NOT even a concern of mine. I was concerned with triggering diabetes since I have had multiple family members with diabetes and NONE of them had weight issues or were overweight. I was concerned with triggering high blood pressure, having sleep apnea, and other health issues from being overweight. I just cannot understand WHY some people can’t congratulate others for their health related accomplishments and encourage them to keep up the hard work. It’s like people say “I’m happy for you BUT____________________!”  If you truly are happy for me then there is no BUT (no pun intended). Just keep me encouraged and keep it moving.

I’m tried of my people, yes MY BLACK PEOPLE, using the word “thick’ as if it is something we women should be honored to be classified as. No disrespect to my non-black readers but “thick” is a term mainly used by blacks in reference to a female with an hourglass frame; small waist, hips, butt, and not slim. You can see a break down on “thick” here. To ALL my ladies I HOPE you are not sacrificing your health for the sake of holding onto being “thick.” AND LADIES, married or single if you are NOT happy with your health you need to change for YOURSELF!!! Being called “thick” may have been cute when you were a teenager BUT as a full grown woman it should not be a compliment. My name is not thick and I AM NOT JUST MY AZZ ladies what about you?


I’M NOT JUST MY AZZ!!! I’m an intelligent, ambitious, hard working, dedicated, kind hearted,  God fearing, LADY!!! Being cute, educated, and having a nice body is just an added bonus! YES, I sure did just go there!! My AZZ has never defined my character! My AZZ does not pay my bills. My AZZ has not earned my 2 almost 3 college degrees!! My AZZ is just something extra GOD gave me BUT it has not and never will make me who I am. MY AZZ may have gotten me attention, be it positive or negative, BUT my intelligence is what will KEEP your attention. MY AZZ has always been a blessing and a curse BUT MY AZZ will never be how I identify myself. I AM NOT JUST MY AZZ ladies what about you?


“Clearly I am not a fat ass
I am active brain
And lip smacking peach deep
Sometimes too aggressive in its honesty
And heart sweet
That loves wholly and completely
Whom it may choose
Whom ever it may choose”

By Jill Scott

    FINALLY, to ALL my fellas STOP with the teenage pet names!! There is nothing wrong with admiring a lady and complimenting her on her looks BUT be GROWN about it. STOP, discouraging ladies who are TRYING their best to get healthy and get back in shape by saying, “Don’t get too skinny and lose your azz!” Be her best motivator and compliment her on her accomplishments while getting fit. There is NOTHING sexy about having a fat out of shape azz!!



    To all you men and women who think it’s not possible to be a female runner and still have a nice AZZ let me prove you wrong. I have always envied African American track runners. NOT only do these ladies have the best bodies ever they have ZERO body fat!! SO, let me leave you with what motivates me plus throw Serena Williams in the mix. I know she is not a track and field star BUT she also proof you can be athletic and still have a nice figure!! I AM NOT MY AZZ ladies what about you?

Me’Lisa & Mikele Barber


Florence Griffith-Joyner

Serena Williams

Jamaican Female Track Team Members

I will leave you with this. You CANNOT lose a butt you never had. If you didn’t have a butt before you gained weight you clearly will not have one after you lose it. If you never had a butt and it got big because you gained weight well DUH you are going to lose it. IF you are holding on to unhealthy weight for the sake of being called “thick” or to hold on to your out of shape butt then I feel sorry for you. I may not know the day nor the hour God will call me home BUT I’m not going to be the reason I leave this earth due to poor health.

I AM NOT MY AZZ ladies what about you?



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Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Soror, & Goal Digger. Trying to make the world a better place one child at a time. #MyASU #IEeeeeYip #SportsFanatic

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  1. Tam! You have done it AGAIN! This is, by far, one of THE BEST posts on health I have read! I LURVE it! Thank you and I pray this post hits home for a lot of “thick for the sake of” ladies out there! I am one who have no but (never had) but when I gained weight so did the booty. Now it’s in order to say I am 128. Started at 149. Butt is gone (for the most part). Hips still visible. I am happy and NOT over weight. I wore a dress to church Saturday night that I have not worn since 06! My healthy made me sexy!

    • Thank you Scheryka!!I love running and that is something I will never stop doing unless God says otherwise. I am it the best shape I have ever been; even better than when I was in high school. I’ll take being skinny, too skinny, little butt, etc. BUT, I will never except being unhealthy and I am not trying to go backwards. I’m proud of you and keep up the hard work!!

  2. You just wait girl! When you get to your goals they’ll realize all the things that they’ve been saying won’t mean a thing! You are going to be in the best health of your life and that will shine through more than just physically – they’ll see your attitude, your energy, and all the brightness in your life.

    (and they will love whatever azz you have)

  3. Tam, I guess it’s safe to say, “You are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the ‘thick” comment”! You go girl…message well conveyed! Clearly, you are not just an AZZ…Hot DAMN Tam! Sorry, l could not resist. Women need to have a higher regard for themselves. Also, respect is a two-way high way! Now, with that said…I will exit stage…MOONWALKING!!!

  4. I’m from Nigeria. Lots of women in my village and in general society are slim and still have full bottoms. Women don’t have to risk their health in other to fulfill what is in fact falls notion of Africaness. What i mean is that African women were never overweight. In the past African women were actually athletically built. I would argue that today’s catwalk model, slim and toned, actually resemble how primordial African women looked like. What happened was that when whites first visited Africa, they marveled at African women’s comparatively full bottoms and recognized, in comparison to the European women’s unhealthy flaccid bottoms, that ours were fatter. Now, however, that notion has been corrupted to mean African women were thick or fat. But that was not the case. Also Africans never considered Fat to be attractive but FAT to be a sign of wealth.

  5. about time the sisters started waking up


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