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Eating Healthy While Traveling!!

It’s that time of year where people are getting prepared for their summer vacations. I remember as a child my mom ALWAYS packed two coolers with food, drinks, and water when we traveled. She never bought food; never. I’m still trying to figure out how she kept the fried chicken warm for hours. Yeah, I know fried chicken is not healthy 🙂 But anyway, don’t let ALL of your hard work go down the drain and use a vacation as an excuse to over indulge. A LOT of people pack on 10lbs or more after all of their vacations are over. Between loading up on gas station junk food, pit stops at fast food places, and eating at restaurants those calories really add up. And let’s not pretend we will workout, run, or do any other form of exercising while on vacation. I know you are looking at this post sideways and saying to yourself, “well what am I supposed to eat then.” In the words of Erykah Badu, “pack lite.” You need to do like my mom and load up on your own travel, HEALTHY, foods!! One cooler should be filled with food and the other filled with water. AND if you have kids my mom’s methods will save you a LOT of money. TRUST me, the money my mom saved on food meant more money to shop and buy amusement park crap. So here is my summer FREE advice on what foods you can eat while traveling 🙂


FIRST, you need to buy snacks and other foods based on how long you will be in the car or plane.  SECOND, you need to buy food based on how long you will be on your trip. You know what HEALTHY foods you like and dislike. Load up on the foods you like the most. Here is a list of great snacks that are healthy and NOT processed foods:









It is so much cheaper to make your OWN trail mix. I always go to the baking section at the grocery store and buy the big bags of nuts used for baking such as pecans and walnuts. I buy the big sandwich bags and make my own mix. You can add raisins, cranberries, and other sweet fruits to get the sweet and nutty taste.

String cheese


If you are going to the beach grill your meat the night before and use an insulated cooler to keep it warm. Make sure you heat it in the oven, wrap it tight in aluminum foil, and place it in the insulated cooler. Or you can cook your meat at the beach. Prepare all your other side dishes the night before. Chips and dip is processed foods BUT it is okay for a beach treat for kids. The bottom line is preparation makes a BIG difference.

If you are traveling to an amusement park research the restaurants BEFORE you travel to that city or state. A lot of businesses now have official websites or facebook pages. Check out their menu so you can let that be your “cheat or indulgentment” meal. You thought I wasn’t going to give you slack 🙂



It’s HAWT as HELL no matter where you are going unless you leave the country. Whether at the beach, water park, etc get some WATER in your body. It’s SO very easy to get dehydrated and some people don’t know they are dehydrates until it is too late. Sports drinks are also great to have handy. YES, they are high in sugar BUT, they are great for keeping you hydrated and recovering your body IF you are showing signs of dehydration. SIGH, yes my mom packed sodas on our road trips BUT she ALWAYS had water and she made sure we stayed hydrated.


Finally, if you have a lead foot like me you will have to stop at a gas station to refuel 🙂 This is the PERFECT time to make sandwiches for the kiddies, give them a water or juice out the cooler etc. BUT don’t buy the gas station junk food; DON’T YOU DO IT 🙂  I know you are like this heffa ain’t doing all of this. WELL, I DO practice what I preach. When I kicked off my healthy journey last year I had a road trip with my best friends. I packed apples, cereal bars, and a few other snacks. I didn’t buy ANY gas station food and my best friend’s husband even asked for some of my snacks; LOL!!! Since I was practicing Lent I didn’t eat any meat but fish ONLY when we went out to eat. TRUST ME, it was not easy BUT I had gotten 100% serious about my health and that road trip was an ultimate test for me. Remember when you cheat you are ONLY cheating yourself and further setting yourself back. So start making healthy choices in EVERYTHING you do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with “treating” yourself. But you MUST know when a treat becomes over indulging on unhealthy foods. Don’t let the summer set you back and be an excuse to fall off the wagon again. Stay on course and continue to make life long life style changes.

SAFE and Healthy Travels!!!



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