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YES, I have been MIA from my blog and I just realized how long it has been. WELL, let me say thanks to everyone who has been supporting me on this roller coaster ride. ALSO, thanks for not giving up on me. Let me give you a quick recap on what’s been going on in my life. As most of you know I resigned from my job at the end on 2011 to complete graduated school, do my student teaching, and prepare for exit exams. WELL, I graduated, got a teaching job the following month, and had to relocate to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Me being a die hard Vols fan living in Tuscaloosa is like sleeping with my enemy; literally!!! BUT of course I wasn’t going to turn down a job after not having one for 6 months. So now I’m trying to find some kind of way to get my “fitness life” back to where it was before I moved.

This move honestly has not been the best for me. I’m still trying to play catch up with my finances, adjust to living in a small very small town, and find my fitness mojo. It’s has been months of “all new everything” for me. New career, new city, new life, new everything. It took me months to decide on a gym to join. As much as I loved the YMCA this small town was very limited in options for me and my best option was Planet Fitness. The gym at my apartment complex is way too small for the number of residents living here. UGH, don’t even get me started on living in a huge complex, but that is another rant entirely. Of course I have gained some weight back. I have literally got rid of all my “fat girl clothes” and replaced them with all thrifted clothes. My eating has been all over the place. Being a school teacher I never know what type of day my students decide they want to have. Therefore,  I am constantly ripping and running some days. My eating schedule is pretty much nonexistence. My “all new everything” is not the new things I was hoping for.

I said all that to say that I worked to hard to almost reach my fitness goals to give up and go backwards. Even though I am not happy with what my scale keeps telling me I know I can reverse the roller coaster ride. I know it will not be easy and I know the road will get worse before it gets better but I’m determined to reverse the roller coaster ride. With my current work schedule my only option is to work out at home or work out in our crappy fitness in the morning. I will be working out more after work. I also have very limited places to run which is the one thing I miss the most; running. BUT I’m still determined to reverse the roller coaster ride and make positive “all new everything.”

SOOOO, if you are still fighting the good fitness fight like me PLEASE don’t give up. Life will always get in the way but it’s how you recover that matters the most. I’m determined to get this weight back off me AGAIN and reach my goals. I have some great info and thrifted finds to post so I promise I will not stay away for so long again.

You can check out BACK TO ME to see some current pictures of me. SO stay in the fight and let’s continue to make being healthy sexy!!!!



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Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Soror, & Goal Digger. Trying to make the world a better place one child at a time. #MyASU #IEeeeeYip #SportsFanatic

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