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30 Day Cardio Challenge Summer Edition

It’s that time of year again for another addition of the 30 Day Cardio Challenge.  If you have been slacking this summer due to the heat here is a perfect time to kick your fitness up to another level. It’s free, you can choose the time, and place to complete each challenge. It you don’t believe it works read My Journey and check out Back to Me. Via email you will get the weekly challenges and a daily motivational email to keep you encouraged. Did I say it was free?


Have a safe and blessed Holiday. Eat all you want, enjoy your family, and get ready for the next 30 Day Cardio Challenge.






The Time is NOW!!!




This year has 2 months left and some of you once again broke your New Year’s resolution. Here is your chance to end this year on a positive note by signing up for Ray Grayson aka Mr. Shut Up and Train’s 30 Day Cardio Challenge. I am a living testimony it works and it will cost you nothing. He is not trying to sell  you products or  fitness gear he just wants you to get healthy and fit. Read about My Journey and see how I got Back To Me by incorporating four 30 Day Cardio Challenges into my workouts. Shout out to my girl Alba who introduced me to Ray’s challenge and I haven’t looked back. Once you sign up he will send you a welcome email. He will follow that up letting you know when the challenge starts and the rules of the challenge. He will also give you a different fitness challenge to do everyday during the challenge. I will be the first to say it will not be easy and you will probably hate Ray and me by the time it’s over but, the scale and your measurements will make you love us 🙂  Don’t let the upcoming holidays be a sorry excuse to not workout and kick start a healthier lifestyle. Just sign up and “Shut Up and Train.”