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Summer Challenge: Let the Miles of Madness Continue!!!


First, let me pay my respect to the soldiers who have lost their lives while serving and protecting our great country:

May God continue to comfort those families who have lost a love one and protect our troops still fighting on foreign soil!!!

NOW, one of my friends posted a summer challenge on facebook yesterday and of course I was ALL on it ūüôā The challenge was posted on Runner’s World called

RW Summer Running Streak 2012

And you ask what exactly are you supposed to do? Just run/walk/wun at least one mile per day until July 4th. If you have lost your mojo or falling off the fitness wagon this is the perfect time to hop right back on. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall what matters the most is how you recover. I personally have not reached all of my fitness goals and I’m not going to go into a laundry list of excuses why. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, who is ready to get fine during the summertime?

So AFTER, you finish eating all the BBQ, baked beans, potato salad, etc all you can stand go take a nice long walk right before the sun goes down. YES, I know it is HAWT as hell I live in HAWT Alabama. You can get up early or go late in the evening BUT save the excuses. Drink plenty of water,¬†Gatorade¬†or powerade and you will be good to go. ¬†One mile a day for 38 days is a breeze. HOWEVER, the ultimate goal is to make them consecutive days…….meaning you MUST do this everyday. If you are on vacation you can do a mile walking around a mall or shopping center. Just “Get ER DONE!” If you have ever done any of the 30 Day Cardio Challenges¬†Mr Shut Up and Train has been sending fitness challenges every week. Also, the ladies of Tone it Up¬†send out weekly challenges. These are things you can do for FREE at home. There is really no excuse for letting your health go. Time to get back to fitness business. Are you in on the challenge?





My First 5K

    I finally completed a goal I have always wanted to accomplish. On Saturday, November 19, 2011 I ran my very FIRST 5K running the Turkey Burner & 1 Mile. Running a marathon has always been a dream and goal of mine. BUT, I knew I had to start at the bottom and work my way up to a full marathon level runner. Thanks to two of my friends on facebook I discovered Black Girls Run who further fueled my determination to run. These ladies truly inspired me to get off my butt and run.

I did not take running lightly. First, I asked one of my co-workers, who is a runner, about getting proper shoes. Next, I asked her about local running groups. Third, I joined Runners World. I purchased a magazine subscription and ordered several books from their website. After doing further research about running, I mapped out a plan and started hitting the pavement. Instead of just jumping into running I walked, ran a little, walked, and ran. I worked my way up to running over two miles without stopping. Running itself was not something I had never done before; I just never stayed consistent. Just like reaching my weight loss goal I was determined to become a runner.

    One of my friends sent me a link to active to participate in a 5K  & 1 mile run on October 1, 2011. I decided I was going to run the entire 5K instead of walking and running. I ended up getting sick twice during my training and missed that race. So, I started signing up for other races on active. My work and school schedule was so tight during the month of October I did not run at all. I knew I had another 5k coming up BUT school was taking all my free time mentally and physically. I decided the ONLY way I was NOT going to run my next 5K is if it rained.

¬† ¬† The weather had been so crazy here in Montgomery, AL the weeks leading up to the race. One day it’s cold, another it’s hot, and another it may be a combination of both. So, to prepare for the possible weather conditions I bought tights and a cold gear top. Even though I had NOT trained at all for this race I was determined to run. My goal was to run the entire race no matter how crappy I felt or slow my stride was. I knew it was not going to be easy and I was taking on a distance I had never run before. The night before the big race I don’t remember sleeping a lot; I was to excited. I secured my cameraman, lol, and double check to make sure I had everything I needed for the race. Here are a few picture before and the day of my big race:

My participation shirt and number!

What I actually wore on my big day!!

Me warming up before the race!

Making my way to the finish line!

My belief is if you wear a shirt with an organization’s name on it you should represent what they stand for. There was NO way I was going to EVER wear a Black Girls Run shirt without running in any type of race. ¬†The founders,¬†Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, have worked VERY hard to spread their message and build their brand. There was NO WAY I was going to¬†misrepresent¬†them or do a disservice to their organization or mission. Don’t let the words “black girls” offend you my non-black readers. The group is open to ALL women. HOWEVER, the mission of Toni & Ashley was/is to encourage more African American women to get serious about their health. I HIGHLY recommend ¬†you read the information on their site.

SOOOOOOOOOO, I know you all are reading this and asking “how did you do.” Out of 565 people who¬†participated in the 11th Annual Turkey Burner & 1 Mile I placed 522nd and my official time was 45:18¬†I was very proud of myself because I ran the entire race. I never gave up even when the pain in my side was almost to much to bare. This race signified so much more to me than just a run. It also gave me a starting point to build from and time to work on beating. ¬†I have already signed up for two more 5Ks and have my eye on several other. I truly enjoy running and I will continue to run if it’s God’s will. Thanks to everyone for your love, support, and¬†encouragement. It’s extremely humbling to know I have inspired others and it’s my prayer I continue to do so.