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Just Say NO to Diets



    The most irritating thing I get asked by people since I started my healthy lifestyle is “What diet are you on or are you doing Weight Watchers?” Don’t get me wrong YES I have tired “fad diets” before and NO I did not like them. Has this process been easy for me? NO! Do I always eat 100% healthy all the time? NO!! The one thing I have learned since I’ve been on this roller coaster ride to getting healthy is how to make better eating choices. There are days where I say “I’m going to eat what I want and not worry about what I’m eating.” BUT, those days have turned into maybe once or twice a month versus damn near everyday. Let’s be honest here. The Special K plan sounds like a good idea BUT do you really want to eat Special K products all day everyday and rabbit food for dinner? Also, certain Special K products are not as healthy as they are advertised. I’ll touch on learning how to read labels on food next week.  Another fad diet is the “Master Cleanse.” They have even thrown out names like “Beyonce did the Master Cleanse and lost 20lbs.” It really doesn’t matter if she did the cleanse or not. The truth is the Master Cleanse is not wise or healthy to do; I actually have the book. You can look up the Master Cleanse I’ve talked about it enough and I refuse to advocate diets especially “fad diets.” What I have learned about some fad diets they do provide healthy facts about some things and mislead you on others. So through all the research I’ve done over the years about food, diets, and detoxing I’ve taking the good and disregarded the bad. I will touch on the important things that have been  major part of my current success with losing weight. Knowing what to eat and what is a healthy portion is essential to getting healthy and staying healthy.

    When I REALLY decided to get serious about getting healthy and losing weight I asked my doctor to refer me to a nutritionist. She never told me I was overweight or obese so she was kind of surprised when I asked. She also took a second look at my chart since by appearance alone I didn’t look overweight. The nutritionist provided me with all the same information she gives to her patients with diabetes. So I incorporated that information with the same things I’ve read in Jorge Cruise and Lee Labrada’s book. Jorge Cruise has the three rules of the plate: Eat breakfast within 1 hour of waking up, Eat every 3 hours, and stop eating 3 hours before bed.  The eating every three hours was one of the tips that not only stuck out the most for me but is also worked. Jeanette Jenkins “The Hollywood Trainer,” states not to eat 2 to 2 1/2 hours before bed. I’ll will talk about Jeanette Jenkins more next week. The purpose of eating more than 3 meals per day is to increase your metabolism.  As you get older you know it starts to slow down. Spreading out your food throughout the day also helps you burn more calories.   Finally when you stop eating 2 to 3 hours before bedtime you are giving your body the proper amount of time to digest your food properly. According to Jorge when you eat late your body spends its energy on digestion instead of repairing and firming your muscles. I will HIGHLY suggest you take these tips VERY serious if you are serious about getting in shape and healthy. Eating small meals does not equal eating big meals each time. For example you may eat fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, apple or cup of nuts (snack/meal), lean turkey sandwich for lunch, 100 cal bag of popcorn (snack/meal), lean meat and veggies for dinner, and cup of grapes as your final meal or snack. Planning and preparing your meals and snacks each night is a VERY important step to a healthier lifestyle.

    It’s VERY crucial to know how to prepare a balance HEALTHY meal. I swear by my measuring cups and spoons. YES, it was extremely hard at first to get adjusted to eating portion sized meals BUT the outcome has been very rewarding for me. Since I am use to eating less food on my plate it’s hard and painful for me to overeat now. AND when I say painful I mean painful in a I am really in pain way. Felling like I have a pound of bricks in my stomach after over indulging is NOT a good feeling.  SO, I have given you the 3 plate rule now I need to give you what should be on your plate. Everyone who knows me know I am a HUGE advocate for MyFitnessPal. The app is not only FREE to use it has been a HUGE key to my current success as well. HOWEVER, you must understand how to use the app properly in order to properly document what you eat during the day. Everything you enter in MyFitnessPal is based on portions or serving size. For example, if you buy the salad mix to make  a salad with the bag will state 1 cup as 1 serving. This means you will have to use a measuring cup to make sure you have one cup. This is why I suggest you prepare your meals at night. MyFitnessPal also has a great catalog  of popular grocery stores, food brands, and restaurant chains. So here is the rule of thirds by Lee Labrada: 1/3 of protein, 1/3 of carb, and 1/3 of veggies, salad, or fruit should be on your plate. This means your main meals should follow the rule of thirds. Next week I will provide a list of foods that are healthy I swear by and pretty much all the fitness experts and nutritionist I love require you to eat. Not everything is bad for you and will cause cancer. You DO need carbs because they provide the fuel you need and help you burn fat. Protein is important for building muscle. AND ladies chill with the “I don’t want to look like a man” crap. The ONLY way you will have manly athletic muscles is IF you are doing weight lifting with heavy weights everyday and eating a certain meal plan.  You can NEVER eat too many fruits and veggies. HOWEVER, be careful eating certain types of fruit because they have high calories and natural sugar. An example is a banana. They have 110 calories or more depending on the size. I’m not saying don’t eat bananas because they are great to eat before or after a workout. BUT, don’t eat more than two a day if you just love bananas that much.

     In conclusion I truly hope this information is helpful to you. BUT do know I an NOT a doctor, nutritionist, nurse, or certified personal trainer. All, information I have provided is based on my own personal research and reinforced with facts based on the information provided by the nutritionist I was seeing. Fad diets may work for that moment BUT they are not healthy and people usually gain what they lose plus more after getting off the diet. We are living in a society where people want instant gratification for everything. BUT, when it comes to getting healthy and getting in shape it MUST be done the proper way. Think about the people you know who lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time. Are they still in shape? Did they keep the weight off? What about their physical appearance? Like I’ve mentioned before I STRONGLY suggest starting your journey by doing a HEALTHY detox. Eat nothing BUT fruits, veggies, and drink half you current body weight in water for TWO weeks. After you complete the detox start gradually cutting unhealthy foods, especially junk food, out of your life. Start following the 3 plate and 3 thirds rule the next two weeks while still drinking half your body weight in water. I also suggest you join MyFitnessPal, download the app to your phone, and start documenting what you eat. Once you register online and download the app to your phone you log in via your phone. This way you can document what you eat throughout the day without logging onto your computer to do so. I feel like a lost child if I forget my phone and not have access to MyFitnessPal. It will truly change the way you eat and make you think twice about eating certain foods. MOST IMPORTANT you need to set a daily calorie goal. The app will give you a goal based on your weight and height info but you can change it. My current goal is 1500 and I usually eat between 1200-1400 per day. BUT also know it will give you calories back after you log your workouts. DO NOT count those calories it gives you back ONLY count what’s left based on what you’ve already entered under your food journal.

    PLAY PLAY time is OVER and it’s time to put all the lame excuses to rest. Either you want to get in shape or you don’t. If I can do it I know you can too. I STRONGLY encourage you to get with a circle of people who are SERIOUS about getting healthy, will stay on your butt worse than an army drill sergeant, and make you accountable for your slacking. If you are tired of what you are seeing in the mirror ONLY YOU can change that. GET IT TOGETHER AND LET’S GET HEALTHY TOGETHER!!! Just Say NO to Diets and YES to better eating choices and a healthier lifestyle!!


p.s. If you stopped by let me know you were here. I welcome all feed back good or bad and I want the critique. IMy goal is to share my journey and inspire others. Whatever I can do to improve my writing or post I welcome the feedback. Thanks for stopping by!!!









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  1. Hey love…i love the blog and thanks forthe tips ivebeen slowly trying and am more focused than ever… do u feel about trail mix?

    • I love trail mix. BUT, making your own is better. I go to the baking section of the store and buy the bag of nuts from there. I also add a cup of Ocean Spray cranberries or pomegranate for the sweet kick.

  2. You would be aware you have stolen my logo “no more diets” remove within 24 hours or you can pay to purchase this logo. Litigation will commence if you do not contact me about this. Mina Hunt. I would have emailed you but there is no ability to contact you direct.

    • #1 I did not steal your logo. All I did was a simple google search and it was one of many images that popped up.
      #2 how lame are you to post a threathening post on my blog Christmas Day?
      #3 There is NO trademark or anything to indicate that graphic is patented.
      #4 I’m not trying to sell the logo, I’m not using it for profit, or claiming I created it therefore there is NOTHING you can do to me legally.

      I’m more than sure I’m not the ONLY one using or have used the graphic you are claiming is yours. So, you need to learn the law before you make threats to others. Also, good luck with suing people who probably printed out the graphic and used it for whatever reason.

      Like the old cliche’ goes “it’s not what you say but how you say it.” You ask me in a professional and respectful manner I will not have a problem removing it. You need to contact google if you don’t want the graphic being suggested.

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