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My First Weekend of Thrift Shopping Only!!!

Last weekend kicked off my style transformation. I was so excited to see what goodies I could find while hitting up the local thrift stores. My first stop was at the Faith Rescue Mission. I honestly didn’t have any expectations about Faith one way or the other. The reviews I read on The Thrift Shopper were not nice at all. The store was actually well organized and neat. The building is old so first impression about the cleanness of the store will not be great. But, I’m not going to bash the store because I found some great treasures. My first stop was at the handbag section. I did not see anything that really caught my eye but I did find a cute small orange straw purse.

My next stop was the dress racks. Everyone who knows me KNOW I :::HEART::: sun dresses. Right out the gate I spotted three dresses I fell in love with.

I love this orange dress. It can also be washed and dried on the “tumble dry low” setting. I hope I get to sport this on a evening out with friends or someone special 🙂

This cute little black and white dress is actually a size small. YES, I was bold and bought it anyway 🙂 I washed it, hang dried it, tried it on and it fits great. This is not a work friendly dress since it is a little short and the front is slightly shorter than the back. The waistline hugged my waist perfect and makes me look smaller.

This cute black and khaki dress is an Old Navy dress. It stopped right below my knees. It hugged me perfect in a classy way. I received great compliments from my co-workers. I enjoyed their reactions when I told them where it came from 🙂

After finding these wonderful dresses I made my way to the skirts, pants, and jeans racks. I didn’t see anything that caught me eye so I checked out the shoes then the shirts. I did see a couple of pair of shoes I liked but these size 10s I have was not going to squeeze in them; LOL. My eye instantly caught this adorable red shirt.

***tear*** this shirt swallowed me so I have to give it away 😦  It is a 1x. I know you are saying heffa how you go from a small to a 1x? HEY, it looked smaller on the hanger than it actually was.  I will sure hate to part ways with it but it has to go ***pours out a little water for this cute shirt’s departure***

The last cute treasure I found was this black and white wrap top from CATO

My mission is to find a HAWT black pencil skirt to rock this with. Of course I will be on another thrift store hut for that.  My total bill came up to $19.96 I most definitely will be back shopping at the Faith Rescue Mission. The cashier also told me how to check for the deals of the week and how they color code items that are on sale.  Looking Fly On a Dime also gives great tips about thrift shopping and looking for additional discounts. Her blog is my thrift shopping Bible!!!

My next stop was bright and early Saturday morning at Santuck outdoor Flea Market. This happens on the first Saturday of every month except for the coldest months of the year. I was let down by Santuck. It was way too much of the same things being sold and the jewelry selections were blah 😦 I haven’t been to Santuck in a few years so I was so excited about going. I didn’t stay long because the Alabama heat and humidity kicked in before 8:00am. Here are the few pieces I did purchase and they all were $1 each.

After a shower and wardrobe change my last two stops were at Goodwill on Air Base Blvd and Atlanta Hwy. Both stores were well organized, clean, and pleasant to shop in. HOWEVER, the Goodwill on Air Base was bigger and had a better selection and quality of clothes. The staff was also very friendly. There were so many cute items I found I had to limit myself to three dresses. I put myself on a strict budget that weekend and I didn’t want to over do it on my first thrifting outing.

This cute sheath dress in an Ann Taylor dress. I received soooooo many compliments for this dress and made jaws literally drop when I stated where I got it from. It is a dry clean only dress but ummmm yeah I never follow the cleaning instructions 😉

I sooooooooooooooooooo fell in love with this dress as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I envisioned myself wearing it with my black leather Liz Claiborne knee boots. I cannot WAIT to wear this during the winter. The dress is not really thick but of course tights will be worn under it. I also love how the sleeves flare at the end.

My final purchase was a cute blue Express dress. The style and cut of this dress is not work safe 🙂 so it will be a “we be clubbin/freakum” dress!!! Also, need to work on my tiny gut because this dress leaves NO room for error.

Back of dress

Bottom of dress

Overall I will say my first weekend of thrift shopping only was fun and successful. My total cost for my Goodwill purchases was $13.oo My next stop will be in Pratville and Millbrook. I most certainly will be shopping at the Goodwill store on Air Base more often. I cannot wait to post the pictures from my next shopping adventure 🙂

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  1. Awesome finds!!!!! I especially love the polka dot wrap top and the white and red flowered dress. I actually have a black pencil skirt I got at Goodwill for $3 or so and I wear it alllllllll the time. Keep it up and thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks you for checking out my blog. I am sooooooooo in love with Goodwill now 🙂 It’s time to retire my old pencil skirt. It’s too big and the color has faded.

  3. Good job!

  4. Yay on your thrift outing. You found some really great stuff, I especially love that coral purse and the dresses are gorgeous!

    • Thank you sooooooooo much. You know your blog is my thrifting bible right? LOL!!! If it wasn’t for you I would have been clueless trying to spot good deals and great pieces. Thanks for reading my post!!

  5. I looooove treasure hunting and thrift shopping is my thang,lol. You did a great job for a first timer. I hv found some unique pieces that can’t be found in dept stores or malls,while thrifting. Plus its relaxing and therapeutic. When you come to Mobile again, I will take you to the “gypsy”. Well,she’s not a gypsy but my mom likes to say she is. Smh. Anyways she has all kinds of things to scavengar through and there are some good thrift stores all around. I’m loving your blog.


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