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Time to Shake Things Up!

The new year has brought a lot of positives changes for me which means I have to start shaking up my fitness goals. Since I’m currently doing my student teaching I have to get up earlier to prepare for school. Add to that I am no longer working full time. SO, what exactly does this mean for me? It’s time to dust off all the fitness DVDs I’ve purchased  over the years and actually utilize them.  It’s better for me to get a workout in from home instead of driving back and fourth to the gym in the morning. Also, I will not have to cut my workout short due to traveling time.

So, starting next week I will use one or two fitness DVDs in the morning for an entire month. I will blog about the name, fitness instructor, purpose of workout, and pros, and cons of the DVD. I will so express if I recommend the DVD and why. I also plan to incorporate a more “clean eating” meal plan. Since I will not be doing a lot of traveling for a while it is the perfect reason to cut out fast foods. Due to the fact that my school load has lighten a little, I can blog more about eating and other health tips more.

So if you have a library of fitness DVDs at home like I do put them to use. No matter how cheesy or boring the workout is just try it. If you have hit a plateau like I have this is the best time to try something new. I personally like working out in the gym. However, there are tons of blogs and youtube videos of people sharing their success stories from working out at home. A new year always equals change. So this is a great time to shake things up and step up your workouts.





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  1. Great Idea! Can’t wait to know what video you’re using and read your review. Yeah some of the videos are cheesy and the music is terrible, but they work and there’s no membership fee and you can use them anytime. I too have a “collection” of fitness videos. Some we’ve had since the 80’s (VHS…EEEK!).


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