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March Madness Miles Challenge!!!

WOW, March is almost here and I realized I have been MIA from my blog 😦 SORRY, but with a career change comes change I was not 100% ready for. SOOOOOOOO, I’m trying to pull it all together by participating in challenges, challenging myself, and creating my own challenges. AND my friends know I LOVE to harass them with food and fitness challenges 🙂 SO, since I am 100% hooked on my official drug called running I decided to do a challenge which involved you lacing up your best running shoes. Our theme will be March Madness of Miles. I proposed this challenge to my Black Girls Run sisters as well as my Cardio Challenge sisters and they loved it. Here is a run down of the challenge rules and goals. March has a total of 31 days. I would like you to run, walk, or wun (walk/run) a minimum of 2 miles per day. Two miles is really a short distance and not hard to do. That is a total of 62 miles for the month of March. I’ve already done the math but hey you can double check it since I’m not a Math teacher 😉 LOL!!!

Now that I have given you the goal distance let me give you the rules. You MUST document these miles everyday. I use an app on my phone called miCoach it’s free and it is an excellent app. BTW, I am still on #teamblackberry but you can check the website to see which other smart phones offer it. Nike also has a run app or you can use runkeeper. BUT, if using smartphones is too high tech for you then document your miles the old fashion way; paper and pen. However, make sure you have an accurate way to track how many miles you actually complete. Walking to the corner store or around the corner 2 times may not be two miles; LOL!!! I know Spring Break is coming up but don’t use that as an excuse. If you know you have something planned for a weekend or day then add an extra mile to the days you walk, run, or wun. DON’T let the weather be an excuse either. If you have a gym membership use the treadmil on the days the weather is bad. If you have fallen off the fitness wagon or never got on there at all then March Madness of Miles is perfect for you. If you decide to do more than 2 miles a day that is excellent. My goal is to do more than 2 but I’m not going to reveal my total miles completed until next month 🙂

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, who wants in on March Madness of Miles? Make sure you get some friends to come on board to help you stay focused and motivated. It’s also the perfect way to kick start your fitness goals. Walking/running is great free therapy and stress reliever. I’m ready to get my March Madness of Miles on how about you? Here is a quick recap. The goal is 62 miles for the month of March. You can walk, run, or wun. You must make up the miles for the days you miss. If the weather is bad hit the treadmill. Let’s get our March Madness of Miles on together. Stop making excuses and make things happen.



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