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Months of Thrifting!!!

YES, I know it has been a while since I have done a post on thrifting. BUT, I had some free time on my hands today and I’m still on cloud nine after finding out I passed my comprehensive exams yesterday 🙂 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to not only take pictures of some of my thrifted purchases, but find pictures I’ve already taken on my computer to post 🙂  My thrifiting goddess Patrice  decided to do a second installment of her thrifting 365 challenge and I jumped right on it. Because of her thrifting tips I am able to find and spot great pieces, great quality, and popular name brands. I’ve also perfected finding great vintage pieces on ebay. If you are hesitant about thrifting I suggest you check out my “blog roll” and click on the non-health and fitness related blogs. So I present to you some, not all, of the great finds I have purchased from October 2011 until present.

Some of my great ebay finds:

I fell in love with this dress. I sent the seller a message and made a deal with her. If you see something you like on auction send the seller a message and make an offer. You can see me rocking this size 8 dress here Never in million years did I think I could get down to a dress size 8 but look at me now 🙂

I fell in love with this dress also 🙂 I wore this to work one day at my last job and my head was twenty times larger from all the compliments I received. Of course I made the seller an offer.

Yep, I feel in love with this one too 🙂 I’m always falling in love with a pretty dress. I made the seller an offer on this as well!!

I actually didn’t have to make an offer on this one. My old college roommate had a similar dress on her blog and I fell in love with it. I was shocked when I came across this one while trolling on ebay. Check out Ivory’s blog please!! She is my fashion idol and has a killer style!!

Of course ebay is not the only place I do my thrifting. One of my best friends introduced me to Moms Flea Market in Millbrook, Alabama. This is were I scored some great shoes in my size as well as a shirt dress I thought my friends was going to rob me for; LOL!!!

I love, love, love, love, love, did I say LOVE 🙂 this jacket. I already had the PERFECT coral and chocolate top to wear under it and some chocolate slacks.

The dress I almost lost my life for 🙂 I told my friend if it didn’t fit I would acquit. WELL, it fitted like a glove and I told her she could not have it. BTW, this dress is a size 8 🙂

This suit actually came from a different flea market in Prattville, Alabama. I only paid $3 for it.

Of course ole faithful Faith Rescue Mission has still been good to me. I scored this nice Ann Taylor skirt!

I paired this skirt with a cute matching sweater!

I found the perfect Ann Taylor sweater at Faith to wear with these slacks.

Sweater Old Navy and shirt New York & Company

Even though Faith does not sell matching sets together (mean face) I lucked up and found the matching pieces.

And last but not least here are some of my favorite Goodwill finds.

Scored my second pair of BCBG shoes. Remember I gave the first pair away because they were not my size.

The shoes were perfect with these Liz Claborne slacks and Banana Republic top I scored at Faith.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE these Ann Taylor slacks and this jacket. Both were great Goodwill deals. I am obsessed with jackets and blazers also 🙂

Scored this entire 3 pc suit for $8. It screams “I’m almost officially a school teacher!!” So ready for May 12th to officially become a teacher 🙂

This Parisians skirt with the New York & Company shirt (still had $28 price tag on it) made my horrible day the best day ever 🙂 I cannot wait to wear both of these pieces as a school teacher 🙂

I so love these shoes and cannot wait to wear them. They were practically new.  I already have the perfect dress for these shoes.

Some sweaters my mom picked out for me!! My mom is still the best dress lady I know so I don’t mind it at ALL when she buys me clothes and shoes.

And these clothes/shoes were not thrifted but given to me by a great friend and my mother.

Sexy black dress with tags still on it was given to me. The crapping lighting and my camera didn’t do this dress justice 😦 It has a simple yet chic detail on the front.

My friend also gave me these HOT Steve Madden peep toe heels (as well as a few more shoes)!! As you can see by the dirt these have been broken in 🙂

My mom gave this dress to me and the price tag is still on it. I have some HAWT red shoes I will be rocking with this dress.

I had a lot more pieces I could have post but I will save them for a another time. I know my thrift post are long BUT I get excited about shopping at thrift stores like it’s Saks Fifth Ave 🙂 I have been scoring a lot of Ann Taylor and New York and Company lately. Well until next time I hope you have enjoyed my thrifting adventures. The great thing about thrifting you can reinvent your style and look!!



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