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Months of Thrifting!!!

YES, I know it has been a while since I have done a post on thrifting. BUT, I had some free time on my hands today and I’m still on cloud nine after finding out I passed my comprehensive exams yesterday 🙂 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I had to not only take pictures of some of my thrifted purchases, but find pictures I’ve already taken on my computer to post 🙂  My thrifiting goddess Patrice  decided to do a second installment of her thrifting 365 challenge and I jumped right on it. Because of her thrifting tips I am able to find and spot great pieces, great quality, and popular name brands. I’ve also perfected finding great vintage pieces on ebay. If you are hesitant about thrifting I suggest you check out my “blog roll” and click on the non-health and fitness related blogs. So I present to you some, not all, of the great finds I have purchased from October 2011 until present.

Some of my great ebay finds:

I fell in love with this dress. I sent the seller a message and made a deal with her. If you see something you like on auction send the seller a message and make an offer. You can see me rocking this size 8 dress here Never in million years did I think I could get down to a dress size 8 but look at me now 🙂

I fell in love with this dress also 🙂 I wore this to work one day at my last job and my head was twenty times larger from all the compliments I received. Of course I made the seller an offer.

Yep, I feel in love with this one too 🙂 I’m always falling in love with a pretty dress. I made the seller an offer on this as well!!

I actually didn’t have to make an offer on this one. My old college roommate had a similar dress on her blog and I fell in love with it. I was shocked when I came across this one while trolling on ebay. Check out Ivory’s blog please!! She is my fashion idol and has a killer style!!

Of course ebay is not the only place I do my thrifting. One of my best friends introduced me to Moms Flea Market in Millbrook, Alabama. This is were I scored some great shoes in my size as well as a shirt dress I thought my friends was going to rob me for; LOL!!!

I love, love, love, love, love, did I say LOVE 🙂 this jacket. I already had the PERFECT coral and chocolate top to wear under it and some chocolate slacks.

The dress I almost lost my life for 🙂 I told my friend if it didn’t fit I would acquit. WELL, it fitted like a glove and I told her she could not have it. BTW, this dress is a size 8 🙂

This suit actually came from a different flea market in Prattville, Alabama. I only paid $3 for it.

Of course ole faithful Faith Rescue Mission has still been good to me. I scored this nice Ann Taylor skirt!

I paired this skirt with a cute matching sweater!

I found the perfect Ann Taylor sweater at Faith to wear with these slacks.

Sweater Old Navy and shirt New York & Company

Even though Faith does not sell matching sets together (mean face) I lucked up and found the matching pieces.

And last but not least here are some of my favorite Goodwill finds.

Scored my second pair of BCBG shoes. Remember I gave the first pair away because they were not my size.

The shoes were perfect with these Liz Claborne slacks and Banana Republic top I scored at Faith.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE these Ann Taylor slacks and this jacket. Both were great Goodwill deals. I am obsessed with jackets and blazers also 🙂

Scored this entire 3 pc suit for $8. It screams “I’m almost officially a school teacher!!” So ready for May 12th to officially become a teacher 🙂

This Parisians skirt with the New York & Company shirt (still had $28 price tag on it) made my horrible day the best day ever 🙂 I cannot wait to wear both of these pieces as a school teacher 🙂

I so love these shoes and cannot wait to wear them. They were practically new.  I already have the perfect dress for these shoes.

Some sweaters my mom picked out for me!! My mom is still the best dress lady I know so I don’t mind it at ALL when she buys me clothes and shoes.

And these clothes/shoes were not thrifted but given to me by a great friend and my mother.

Sexy black dress with tags still on it was given to me. The crapping lighting and my camera didn’t do this dress justice 😦 It has a simple yet chic detail on the front.

My friend also gave me these HOT Steve Madden peep toe heels (as well as a few more shoes)!! As you can see by the dirt these have been broken in 🙂

My mom gave this dress to me and the price tag is still on it. I have some HAWT red shoes I will be rocking with this dress.

I had a lot more pieces I could have post but I will save them for a another time. I know my thrift post are long BUT I get excited about shopping at thrift stores like it’s Saks Fifth Ave 🙂 I have been scoring a lot of Ann Taylor and New York and Company lately. Well until next time I hope you have enjoyed my thrifting adventures. The great thing about thrifting you can reinvent your style and look!!



March Madness Miles Challenge!!!

WOW, March is almost here and I realized I have been MIA from my blog 😦 SORRY, but with a career change comes change I was not 100% ready for. SOOOOOOOO, I’m trying to pull it all together by participating in challenges, challenging myself, and creating my own challenges. AND my friends know I LOVE to harass them with food and fitness challenges 🙂 SO, since I am 100% hooked on my official drug called running I decided to do a challenge which involved you lacing up your best running shoes. Our theme will be March Madness of Miles. I proposed this challenge to my Black Girls Run sisters as well as my Cardio Challenge sisters and they loved it. Here is a run down of the challenge rules and goals. March has a total of 31 days. I would like you to run, walk, or wun (walk/run) a minimum of 2 miles per day. Two miles is really a short distance and not hard to do. That is a total of 62 miles for the month of March. I’ve already done the math but hey you can double check it since I’m not a Math teacher 😉 LOL!!!

Now that I have given you the goal distance let me give you the rules. You MUST document these miles everyday. I use an app on my phone called miCoach it’s free and it is an excellent app. BTW, I am still on #teamblackberry but you can check the website to see which other smart phones offer it. Nike also has a run app or you can use runkeeper. BUT, if using smartphones is too high tech for you then document your miles the old fashion way; paper and pen. However, make sure you have an accurate way to track how many miles you actually complete. Walking to the corner store or around the corner 2 times may not be two miles; LOL!!! I know Spring Break is coming up but don’t use that as an excuse. If you know you have something planned for a weekend or day then add an extra mile to the days you walk, run, or wun. DON’T let the weather be an excuse either. If you have a gym membership use the treadmil on the days the weather is bad. If you have fallen off the fitness wagon or never got on there at all then March Madness of Miles is perfect for you. If you decide to do more than 2 miles a day that is excellent. My goal is to do more than 2 but I’m not going to reveal my total miles completed until next month 🙂

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, who wants in on March Madness of Miles? Make sure you get some friends to come on board to help you stay focused and motivated. It’s also the perfect way to kick start your fitness goals. Walking/running is great free therapy and stress reliever. I’m ready to get my March Madness of Miles on how about you? Here is a quick recap. The goal is 62 miles for the month of March. You can walk, run, or wun. You must make up the miles for the days you miss. If the weather is bad hit the treadmill. Let’s get our March Madness of Miles on together. Stop making excuses and make things happen.


Time to Shake Things Up!

The new year has brought a lot of positives changes for me which means I have to start shaking up my fitness goals. Since I’m currently doing my student teaching I have to get up earlier to prepare for school. Add to that I am no longer working full time. SO, what exactly does this mean for me? It’s time to dust off all the fitness DVDs I’ve purchased  over the years and actually utilize them.  It’s better for me to get a workout in from home instead of driving back and fourth to the gym in the morning. Also, I will not have to cut my workout short due to traveling time.

So, starting next week I will use one or two fitness DVDs in the morning for an entire month. I will blog about the name, fitness instructor, purpose of workout, and pros, and cons of the DVD. I will so express if I recommend the DVD and why. I also plan to incorporate a more “clean eating” meal plan. Since I will not be doing a lot of traveling for a while it is the perfect reason to cut out fast foods. Due to the fact that my school load has lighten a little, I can blog more about eating and other health tips more.

So if you have a library of fitness DVDs at home like I do put them to use. No matter how cheesy or boring the workout is just try it. If you have hit a plateau like I have this is the best time to try something new. I personally like working out in the gym. However, there are tons of blogs and youtube videos of people sharing their success stories from working out at home. A new year always equals change. So this is a great time to shake things up and step up your workouts.






Today I bought a new journal, planner, two calendars, and I have a runner’s world calendar on the way! The purpose of me buying all of this is to set better fitness goals and accomplish them. I will be able to log my runs and workouts as well as log them using my apps. I can write down in detail what I did that day,  if it was a bad run or workout, and why. I can use my calendar to write down any upcoming races I have as well as what days I will run. My favorite former Cowboys player and HOF running back Emmitt Smith said, “It’s only a dream until you write it down, and then it becomes a goal!”  That is why I challenge EACH and everyone of you to writer down your fitness goals as well as any other goals (REALISTIC) you want to achieve. It doesn’t matter if you accomplish them in 2012 or 2512 just write them down, put them where you have to see them every single day, and achieve them. I already have two college degrees so never in a million years did I want another one. WELL, God said otherwise and what I was doing was not my real passion and not my purpose in life. Working with children is, inspiring others is, and helping others has always been my purpose! If I can go back to school, work full time, lose 47lbs, and inspire others along the way then so can you! Make realistic goals, follow your dreams, write them down, and work on crossing them off your list! Start 2012 better than you did 2011 and finish what you started without making excuses no matter how long it takes. There are plenty of people who are married with kids fullfilling their dreams so don’t try to use that as an excuse. There are plenty of single parents holding down jobs, going back to school, and still finding time to workout or take care of their health. I don’t want to hear that excuse either. JUST write what you want to accomplish down and work on the list one goal at a time. If I can do it then so can you!!! HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!




Have A Very Blessed Christmas!


Christmas is almost here and I have already given myself the best gift money cannot buy; a healthier me.  After years of riding the same fitness roller coaster, the ride has finally come to an end. Has it been easy; NO! Do I miss the unhealthy me; NO! The greatest reward is knowing I did it all on my own. No, expensive surgery, no expensive  diet plans, and no expensive personal training. I have been blessed with so much knowledge from past trainers and law enforcement friends while on my fitness roller coaster ride. I just needed to put all the knowledge to use and stay consistent. The whipped cream and cherry on top was running and completing two 5Ks. GOD IS GOOD!!!


I would like to wish each and everyone of you a VERY Blessed Christmas!! Just like Thanksgiving don’t over do it with all the Christmas goodies. If you kicked off a healthier lifestyle this year or recently, stay the course. You can enjoy all the holiday goodies by cutting your portion sizes.  This is the perfect time to test your will power. BELIEVE me it will be a real test but I know you can do it. Don’t let all your hard work go down the drain. Enjoy your family, show them love, and be thankful for the ones you get to spend another Christmas with.





The most annoying thing I’ve been told since I’ve been on my weight loss journey is “don’t lose your butt.”  I also get aggravated when people say, “you don’t have a butt anymore.”  Since I have gotten very serious about running and becoming a runner I am told, “don’t lose your azz,” by my some of my male friends. This is usually followed by, “you are getting too skinny.” When I decided enough was enough and it was time to take my health back losing my butt was NOT even a concern of mine. I was concerned with triggering diabetes since I have had multiple family members with diabetes and NONE of them had weight issues or were overweight. I was concerned with triggering high blood pressure, having sleep apnea, and other health issues from being overweight. I just cannot understand WHY some people can’t congratulate others for their health related accomplishments and encourage them to keep up the hard work. It’s like people say “I’m happy for you BUT____________________!”  If you truly are happy for me then there is no BUT (no pun intended). Just keep me encouraged and keep it moving.

I’m tried of my people, yes MY BLACK PEOPLE, using the word “thick’ as if it is something we women should be honored to be classified as. No disrespect to my non-black readers but “thick” is a term mainly used by blacks in reference to a female with an hourglass frame; small waist, hips, butt, and not slim. You can see a break down on “thick” here. To ALL my ladies I HOPE you are not sacrificing your health for the sake of holding onto being “thick.” AND LADIES, married or single if you are NOT happy with your health you need to change for YOURSELF!!! Being called “thick” may have been cute when you were a teenager BUT as a full grown woman it should not be a compliment. My name is not thick and I AM NOT JUST MY AZZ ladies what about you?


I’M NOT JUST MY AZZ!!! I’m an intelligent, ambitious, hard working, dedicated, kind hearted,  God fearing, LADY!!! Being cute, educated, and having a nice body is just an added bonus! YES, I sure did just go there!! My AZZ has never defined my character! My AZZ does not pay my bills. My AZZ has not earned my 2 almost 3 college degrees!! My AZZ is just something extra GOD gave me BUT it has not and never will make me who I am. MY AZZ may have gotten me attention, be it positive or negative, BUT my intelligence is what will KEEP your attention. MY AZZ has always been a blessing and a curse BUT MY AZZ will never be how I identify myself. I AM NOT JUST MY AZZ ladies what about you?


“Clearly I am not a fat ass
I am active brain
And lip smacking peach deep
Sometimes too aggressive in its honesty
And heart sweet
That loves wholly and completely
Whom it may choose
Whom ever it may choose”

By Jill Scott

    FINALLY, to ALL my fellas STOP with the teenage pet names!! There is nothing wrong with admiring a lady and complimenting her on her looks BUT be GROWN about it. STOP, discouraging ladies who are TRYING their best to get healthy and get back in shape by saying, “Don’t get too skinny and lose your azz!” Be her best motivator and compliment her on her accomplishments while getting fit. There is NOTHING sexy about having a fat out of shape azz!!



    To all you men and women who think it’s not possible to be a female runner and still have a nice AZZ let me prove you wrong. I have always envied African American track runners. NOT only do these ladies have the best bodies ever they have ZERO body fat!! SO, let me leave you with what motivates me plus throw Serena Williams in the mix. I know she is not a track and field star BUT she also proof you can be athletic and still have a nice figure!! I AM NOT MY AZZ ladies what about you?

Me’Lisa & Mikele Barber


Florence Griffith-Joyner

Serena Williams

Jamaican Female Track Team Members

I will leave you with this. You CANNOT lose a butt you never had. If you didn’t have a butt before you gained weight you clearly will not have one after you lose it. If you never had a butt and it got big because you gained weight well DUH you are going to lose it. IF you are holding on to unhealthy weight for the sake of being called “thick” or to hold on to your out of shape butt then I feel sorry for you. I may not know the day nor the hour God will call me home BUT I’m not going to be the reason I leave this earth due to poor health.

I AM NOT MY AZZ ladies what about you?


Have A Blessed Thanksgiving!!

    This year is almost over and I am so very thankful for all the things I have accomplished thus far. There is NO WAY I would have done these things without the HUGE support from my family, friends, co-workers, my facebook fitness circle, Black Girls Run, and random strangers I have met on twitter and myfitnesspal. God gets all the honor and glory and I know the best is yet to come. I pray each and everyone of you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving and love on ALL your family while they are here. This year I am without my aunt, two uncles, and one cousin. I know my mother is hurting even though she is the strongest person I know. No matter what you do stay focused and stay on the grind and keep yourself surrounded by positive people.